Bereznivskiy district is located in north-eastern part of the Rivnenskyy region. The district borders on the Zhitomirskyy region, Goschanskyy, Koretskyy, Kostopil'skyy, Sarnenskyy, «ui(i Rokitnivskyy districts of Rivnenschina. In east part of the district, from the north southward, the outputs of the Ukrainian ne shield are stretched out. On Bereznivschina the supplies of granite are practically unlimited, and minerals -Itnd8 are most widespread, occupy 70 % areas. The biggest river is Slutch, in which flow 22 small rivers. Nearby the village o( Marinin there are deposits of radon waters. About 90 thou¬sand ha of the territory covered with forests. Hereznivschina is the land of unique possibilities for devel-t and distribution of tourism, as a rich cultural and his-nheritance, picturesque unique nature, sincere hos-pn.ihty of habitants of the district and fertile earth, are har-Hii miously combined here. One of the most interesting corners of Bereznivschinf is ..N.idluchanska Switzerland", where it is possible to see Rus' gorodyscha, healthful radon sources, the mighti¬er.i defensive stronghold of Volin' Hubkivskyy Castle. Rare plants, brought under the Red book, grow here. To the services of tourists here are tourist health complex of v. Marynin but V. Gubkiv. Hard-working, open-hearted, hospitable people, nut indifferent to their land, will offer pedestrian and equestri¬an excursions, fishing, gathering mushrooms, berries, med-ii .ii plants. You will be able to estimate a local folk kitchen.

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